Shaming Women Into Being “Women” Doesn’t Work

By Graham Peterson

Lots of women don’t want to have kids, but how many women feel like they can be honest about that?  It appears that lots of women either hide that feeling or try to shame themselves into feeling otherwise.

But you can’t shame yourself into loving a job you hate, or loving a kid you don’t want.

It is absurd to shame women into “taking responsibility” for their pregnancy, either when they’re accidentally pregnant, or already have a child they don’t want.  The tactic is especially unfair to the unwanted (and hence neglected) children of the mothers we shame.

Aborting an unwanted pregnancy, or offloading unwanted kids onto someone who will love them, is the most responsible thing a parent, who doesn’t want to be a parent, can do.

2 thoughts on “Shaming Women Into Being “Women” Doesn’t Work”

    1. It’s kind of a comment on the state of science that the only time sociologists and economists really talk to one another is when they bicker about who has more prestige and whether it’s deserved.


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