Remember Phone Solicitors? How About Billboards?

By Graham Peterson

Remember when sales people would cold call your house, initiating a personal conversation with you and trying to sell you something you had absolutely zero interest in?  Remember how annoying that was?  Remember how that type of thing, and billboards, and flashing lights, and all kinds of devices marketers used to get you to pay attention to things that you just had no interest in, were used to motivate arguments about what an out of control Death Machine capitalism is?

Marketers, being the decent people they are, responded to those complaints by finding new technologies and new ways to reach you when you weren’t in the middle of dinner, and talk to you about things you actually wanted to talk about.  And the response is to yet again find some reaching way to claim that marketers constitute a nefarious conspiracy to control and exploit consumers.  People don’t like Facebook et al. because at bottom they’re just sure that businesspeople are out to destroy them.

That’s silly.

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