Gabriel García Márquez on the Killing of Allende

By Kindred Winecoff

The New Statesman has done the service of reprinting the article from forty years ago. I pass it along without comment.

(Cover image: The last known photograph of Salvador Allende. Getty Images, used without permission.)

3 thoughts on “Gabriel García Márquez on the Killing of Allende”

  1. Kindred, would love to hear your thoughts on the new Pikkety book, especially in regards to the arguments about inequality and political stability…


  2. To be perfectly honest I’ve been so busy that I haven’t finished the book yet. I’ve read many of Piketty’s articles over the years so I think I know the basic claims, but I don’t want to comment too much without reading it for myself. (My suspicion is that I’ll dislike the theory — both in terms of why inequality has occurred and what can be done about it.) Anyway, I’ll try to get to it soon.

    To be honest, LFC has so far out-performed my expectations that it’s hard to be upset if they don’t win the title. And they still have a good chance. Most statistical models have LFC as the slight favorite, since even the best teams should only expect to get 7.5 points out of every 9. If I were handicapping it I’d have MUFC as the favorites because I expect LFC to drop a few more, but it’d be pretty close. Either way this season has been a resounding success for LFC even if they don’t win anything.


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