QOTD: From Summers to Keynes to Marx in One Step

By Kindred Winecoff

Today we’re calling that idea “secular stagnation”. Which of course sounds more impressive than plain old “abundance” and new enough to be able to distance itself from Marxist economics.

I know no one cares what I think, but I think Izabella Kaminska is one of the few intriguing writers on political economy these days. I know no on cares about political economy these days, even though they should.

2 thoughts on “QOTD: From Summers to Keynes to Marx in One Step”

  1. Even though a lot of it’s above my paygrade, and people should care even less what I think, Ive been thinking the same thing about Izabella Kaminska. And have been called a dilettante for my troubles. Imagine that.
    I love the wapo wonderkids and all, but I would have been more interested to see what she would have done with their resources


  2. Interesting. Brad Delong links her a lot as well, though I’ve always thought that her claims that we’re in a capital crisis contradicted his own claim that there was no over-accumulation of capital (in the “Seven sects of macro error” post).


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