The Fair Jilt Holiday Gift Guide

By Marc Allen

In case you missed it, the British Library just released a gazillion images into the public domain. They’ve posted them on their Flickr feed (pause for moment of Louis C.K. childlike wonder at technology).

Because they’re in the public domain, you can do whatever you heart desires to these images. Forgot to get your aunt a gift? Photoshop her face into this scene, print it out, frame it, and viola!

Image taken from page 61 of '[The Lure of Venus; or, A Harlot's Progress: a heroi-comical poem [descriptive of Hogarth's prints].]'

What about that fancy friend who wears a top hat and monocle and goes around town on his twenty-five foot camel?  Maybe he’ll appreciate this 19th century print:

Image taken from page 297 of 'Pariserliv i Firserne ... Med talrige Illustrationer'

Or how about this great 1722 portrait of John Locke:

Image taken from page 8 of '[The Works of John Locke, etc. (The Remains of John Locke ... Published from his original manuscripts.-An account of the life and writings of John Locke [by J. Le Clerc]. The third edition, etc.) [With a portrait.]]'

For the pet lover in your life, give them this 1885 image of what appears to be a crane French kissing a wolf:

Image taken from page 17 of 'Illustrated Poems and Songs for Young People. Edited by Mrs. Sale Barker'

And here’s an 1894 print that I know a few of my fellow Jilters will appreciate:

Image taken from page 57 of 'Sea Trips from London to Margate, Ramsgate, Boulogne, etc'

Anyway, this collection is a staggering reflection on the last four hundred years of human history. It should be enough to get you through your work week. Happy Holidays.

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